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History of Viagra

In 1998 Pfizer company represented a medical product for the treatment of the sexual dysfunction of men for the first time. It was sildenafil Citrate which was considered the only effective and affordable product to increase potency.

FDA approved this product for the erectile dysfunction treatment the same year and Pfizer company registered the brand name Viagra. Viagra was saleable for a long time on the West market. More than million prescriptions were prescribed per year and thousands of tablets were for sale without prescription.

But the history of Viagra started earlier. In 1996 the clinical studies of Sildenafil were conducted as a medicine for ischemic disease and its common form – stenocardia.

The scientists from Pfizer wanted to make a breakthrough in the field of the medicine and create a unique drug which would help to improve the cardiovascular system. The control group of men at middle and senior age took tablets of Sildenafil within several months. According to the results of the study a low efficiency of this drug was indicated in the treatment of stenocardia. But men reported the increase of the potency and improvement of the erection in the morning and at night. Such interesting fact made the scientists study such strange side effect. After the short-term studies the information about the influence of Sildenafil to the sexual function was confirmed.

This drug really provides a vasodialting action but not in the heart area but in the organs of the small pelvic increasing the blood circulation in the penis. The scientists have managed to develop a unique chemical formula in 2 years and prove its high efficiency and safety. Viagra is not a panacea for impotence and this medicine can hardly cure the man. In order to cure of impotence it is needed to find the reasons of the disease and remove them. Viagra will just help to gain the erection to have sexual intercourse and improve the sexual life of the man.

The Viagra drug has been regarded the most popular and sealable medicine for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction within 7 years, from 1998 to 2005. The pills for impotence are for sale all over the world, and even now of the man wants to increase his sexual function, Viagra is the first thing what comes to his head.
Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction vith viagra.

Today there are many analogs of Viagra which are for sale under other names and with other active components. But all these drugs are the pharmacological analogs of Viagra and have similar therapeutic properties and mechanism of the action. They also contain the active component Sildenafil citrate which is still the most strong remedy for impotence and helps to restore the erectile function in 99% of cases.

The unusual discovery of the scientists from Pfizer company has helped to make a big breakthrough in the field of the medicine because there were no peroral medications for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction before the appearance of Viagra. The appearance of Viagra helped men to become confident in the sexual function.

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